Our Vision

Is to be best innovative ICT services provider for low income communities not only in South Africa but in Africa.

Mission Statement

Is to be the best ICT services provider for low income communities. We are currently providing ICT services in the most populated residential community in South Africa.

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Our Values

Our core values are ACCESS,QUALITY and SELF-RELIANCE, access to ICT services at the best possible quality for self-reliant communities.

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at affordable Rates!

For the best possible service at affordable rates, Whizz ICT Centre is a trusted name by the community. Looking to get inrolled at one of our courses? Or just want to know more about our service offers? Send us a shoutout.

Expert Instructors

Enrolling with us guarantees the best as we have the most committed and expert instructors.

Affordable Services

Certified provider of affordable service to the community at large.

Let us call back

May, 2018

End-User Computer Graduation

In May 2018 we held one of our graduation ceremony where we celebrated the hard work and dedication put by our students. Awards were given to top performer.

25th February, 2018

US Students Tour Visit

We had an amazing time with the visit from US students whom we got to take around and celebrate the beauty that is our country Mzansi. They got to see what we do and take part in our activities.

November, 2017

Nzulu Awards

Nzulu Awards were a great experience for our team, being able to engage and see young people doing things and being celebrated was more than exciting and fulfilling.

April, 2018

Facebook Training

Facebook paid us a visit and we were able to host workshops in teaching and giving the community more understanding and tools to help them with thier Facebook presence.

Best possible service at very affordable rates, I know that whenever I need anything Whizz ICT Centre is the place to go. They are so passionate about their work.

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I have learnt a lot from this centre, I am a better and stronger more skilled man than I was before taking a class with them. They are simply the best.