Our Vision

Is to be best innovative ICT services provider for low income communities not only in South Africa but in Africa.

Mission Statement

Is to be the best ICT services provider for low income communities. We are currently providing ICT services in the most populated residential community in South Africa.

Our Values

Our core values are ACCESS and QUALITY, access to ICT services at the best possible quality for our disadvantaged communities.

Who we are

Whizz ICT Centre was originally registered as Whizz ICT Centre for Development (cc) in 2008. Due to legal constraints of getting the consent of all registered members in every legal action and the fact that most members were not active in the company anymore making it difficult to get such a consent, we registered a new company called Whizz ICT Community Resource Centre (pty) Ltd. There are currently two members of the company. The company started operating in Khayelitsha after a research was conducted and found that there are very few information communication technology (ICT) and related services in the vast community that provide massive market.

We are a company that provides services that are linked with access and the use of information communication technology (ICT). We provide services such as printing, communication as well as skills development services. Our focus is on quality service for massive and low income markets.

Our services are sold at very competitive prices. We have used price as a competitive advantage factor as well as marketing tool. Since we are the most affordable place of ICT in a market that is massive with few competitors our clients have been key in marketing us. We have also developed strong networks in the community due to our community engagement programmes. We have worked with the promotion of art in the community where we collaborated and supported art organisations.
Strong Networks
We have also worked very much closed with sports organisations,community based organisations such as Early Child Education (ECD) organisations and other development organisation. These built strong networks between our business and community. For this work we have developed a better understand of the context within which we operate and able to respond to needs directly in our business. We have develop experience in working with the community.
Quality Policies
We have put quality control systems in place and our staff are trained adequately in their respective positions and we work very much close as a team to ensure that we provide uniformal service. We are also in contact with the Media Information Communication Technology (MICT) SETA engaging with the process of accreditation of our courses including our popular End User Computer training. The only hold on this process has been being able to comply fully with regard to infrastructure requirements which needs capital to comply with such as installation of air-conditioning, etc. We can say that we are close to 80% compliance with the MICT SETA and the SETA people are fully supportive of us in assistance we request them.

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