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The company’s mission is to contribute towards community development by providing Information Communication Technology (ICT) services and training. The company aims at providing knowledge and tools needed to bridge the digital divide in low-income underserved communities. Whizz’s vision is to be the leading ICT service provider in low-income communities in South Africa.

Whizz aims at helping people in disadvantaged
communities excel in the digital world and build relevant skills. To ensures better-trained individuals enter the job market.

The facilities are
spacious, thus accommodating a large number of clients, especially for training.

With a team of experienced professionals Whizz aim’s to guide and empower you towards the best career path.  

Bridging the Gap

Whizz is a company that specializes in services that are linked to the access and use of Information Communication Technology (ICT). Founded in September 2008, Whizz offers a wide range of ICT-related services and training, following a gap identified in the market for ICT services and skills within low-income communities of South Africa. The company is based in Khayelitsha, the biggest township in Cape Town. The company’s goal is to bridge the digital divide between the technology ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’. Whizz has recently launched a second service outlet in EersteRivier, intending to offer similar ICT services.

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Kelvin Black
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