Products & Services

Whizz offers training which includes
End-User Computer and Technical course and a cashier course. The business
designs and implements development programmes geared towards
empowering the previously underserved communities with knowledge and

This includes repairs of ICT devices as well as
software installation.

This entails assisting with CV and cover letter writing as
well as general typing services.

This entails the designing and printing of traditional
promotion materials such as business cards, leaflets, logos, letterheads, etc.

This includes printing, scanning, email management, internet
search, etc.

This includes providing guidance and support on the usage of
computers and mobile devices such as downloading apps, checking emails, etc.
This also entails guiding clients on using online platforms for job searching.

This entails the sale of second-hand computers as well as ICT accessories such as
screens, chargers, keyboards, batteries, etc.